Tyrese – I’m Going Back To Court & It’ll Be Different This Time!

Tyrese – I’m Going Back To Court & It’ll Be Different This Time!

What more do you want from Tyrese? The “Fast and Furious” star reveals he is still battling to be the father he wants to be for his oldest daughter, Shayla Gibson, 10. Tyrese and his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell, are fighting for joint custody of Shayla – despite Tyrese being awarded this time last year. This week, Tyrese shared a photo of himself with this caption:

“@tyrese Headed back to court………. I know it was entertaining but things will be different this time…… #GameFace #DaddyDaugterSeason always…. it’s been said that when a real man and father is committed to their child THAT’s when you go through hell…… To all of the fathers out there stay encouraged please I know it seems that the family courts have these pre-set menu’s in place that no matter what #facts or or receipts you present things tend to work in the mothers favor….. But if I’m still at it I should give you all the hope and inspiration in the world to keep going……. #StayEncouraged access and keeping a real relationships with your kids matter…”

Earlier this month, social media users questioned whether or not Tyrese has equal love for both his oldest and newest daughters when Tyrese documented several parts of baby Soraya Lee Gibson’s birth. He revealed that he could no longer post Shayla, his first child, due to the court battle between him and Shayla’s mother. He said:

“Because of my court I can’t post photos or videos of my daughter Shayla…Believe me when I say…I have pics and videos of Shayla holding her sister Soraya that would blow people’s mind but I just can’t post…. No worries this will all change soon…God is up to something…”

Tyrese and Norma Mitchell divorced in 2009, and he married Samantha Lee last year. We’re wishing the best for their current court battle for their beloved Shayla!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay