Monica Defends Her Friendship W/ N-Word Using Reality Star Veronica Vega [Photo]

Monica Defends Her Friendship With N-Word Using Veronica Vega

Monica has proven time and time again that she is friendly with everyone and does not involve herself in petty drama. Her friendship with rapper/singer Veronica Vega is no different.

Vega, who is of  Cuban and Venezuelan descent, has been called out several times in the past for her use of the N-word. During the Love & Hip Hop: Miami reunion earlier this year, Vega defended her use of the word saying that her great-grandmother is African and she identifies as black.

However, most of the world was not buying it.

Over the weekend, Monica posted a photo with Vega, praising the artist.

I discern a lot about people upon meeting them !!! Nothing but good from the very first time with this one!! I love hearing her sing ballads in Spanish!! You have no idea.

A fan called Monica out for hanging with Vega, asking her to keep that same energy with all non-black people who use the N-word.

So I wonder if Kim K said nigga like its cool or something would we be smiling and taking pictures with her. Mo you know I lovesss you down and your love for people is limitless but no ma’am, this not it. We gotta keep the same energy all the way around. 

Monica saw the comment and responded.

Haven’t a clue what you’re even talking about and I’m not asking. I will assume something show related etc. I don’t judge people off tv and not even music. I take what they show ME in real life! The end! Love you back!

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Authored by: TJB Writer