Tokyo Toni Defends Daughter Blac Chyna Over Skin Bleaching Backlash: She’s A Light Skinned B*tch!

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Blac Chyna & mother Tokyo Toni (circa 2016)

Blac Chyna’s Mom Tokyo Toni Defends Daughter After Chyna Received Backlash For Skin Bleaching Cream

Tokyo Toni is standing on the defense lines for her daughter Blac Chyna, after the former reality star and mother of two received backlash for promoting a skin bleaching cream. The grandmother to King Cario, 6 and Dream Kardashian, 2 sent a message stating,

Don’t you ever ever f**k with her [Blac Chyna]. You b**ches came for her about some skin cream, all you b**ches need it. Take a layer of that dirt off yo f*cking face, maybe we might find out who the f**k you really are, bitch. She a light skin b**ch, why the f**k would she not sell some cream?

She continued,

She ain’t doing no f**kin’ bleaching b**ch; she was a baby coming out my pu**y looking like a got d**n whole Italian motherf**ker. I forgot who I fucked after that, looking at this motherf**ker. Don’t f**k with her. Cause let me tell you, if a b**ch told you to sell chapstick at a lipstick oil company – what you call it? Lip gloss? You’d be there doing it. Again, you b**ches could never afford to buy $250 cream.

Chyna received backlash from social media after announcing she would be the face of a new skin care product. In the midst of launching the new product, Chyna assured her followers she had only used a dark spot corrector from the skin care line and never the skin bleaching. In a statement from her rep, she confirmed she agreed to promote the bleaching cream, whose company is based in Nigeria, because she was being offered a hefty lump sum.

Authored by: Andre Palmer