Nipsey Hussle Feared For His Life Days Before Being Killed, Rumors About Why Alleged Suspect Shot Rapper Released

Nipsey Hussle Feared For His Life Days Before Being Killed, Rumors About Why Alleged Suspect Shot Rapper Released

As the online condolences and tributes continue to pour in for slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, there are new details that have emerged from the case claiming that he feared for his life mere days before being killed.

According to reports, while filming the video for the DJ Khaled song “Higher,” also featuring John Legend, Nipsey and his crew were very concerned with his safety after receiving warnings that someone was out to kill the L.A. rapper.

Sources present on the video set, shot in Inglewood, say that production went to great lengths to ensure Nipsey’s safety, specifically the parking structure the crew used during filming. The production team ordered the entire parking structure shut down to restrict access to only those who were working on the video.

Production also hired 10 armed police officers to be present on the video set at all times to make sure that Nipsey was safe—and to avoid someone possibly trespassing on set and killing him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened days later when Nipsey was gunned down in front of his clothing store, eventually dying of gunshot wounds to the head and torso.

Eric Holder

Suspect Eric Holder has been named as the alleged gunman in the shooting, however police have yet to find him despite issuing an arrest warrant and asking for the public’s help in apprehending him. Holder, whose street name is S**tty, got into a verbal altercation with Nipsey just before his death. Nipsey reportedly asked Holder if he had snitched on him to the police in the past. Holder allegedly felt disrespected by the question, left to get his gun allegedly returned to get revenge, killing Nipsey.

Sadly, a memorial for the rapper also ended in violence, as multiple people were trampled and six were stabbed in front of Nipsey’s clothing store where the memorial was held. The crowd, which consisted of hundreds of L.A. locals, became rowdy and uncontrollable, leading to the stampedes and stabbings.

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A crowd of hundreds of people who amassed in front of The Marathon Clothing in South Los Angeles to pay their respects to slain rapper #NipseyHussle stampeded from the scene after a possible stabbing, police say. The peaceful vigil turned chaotic Monday night near the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue when people began scattering across the packed parking lot. Mourners had gathered since the Grammy-nominated rapper was shot and killed Sunday afternoon. Sky9 was over the scene as fans brought candles, flowers, posters and items of clothing to pay their respects to the 33-year-old rapper around 8 p.m. Monday. At some point, a stabbing occurred. At least six people were stabbed and multiple people were trampled in the stampede, according to Los Angeles police. ??????

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings