Amber Rose Calls Out Double Standards In Rape Culture, Alludes To Bill Cosby

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose Calls Out Double Standards In Rape Culture, Alludes To Bill Cosby

While some celebrities use their platforms to promote bathing suits and detox teas, others use theirs to facilitate dialogue and discourse. Amber Rose, for example, took to social media to pose a question about how rape culture develops and asks her followers opinion regarding the subject. She posted an image that asked,

“If 50 men call one woman a “hoe”, you’ll believe it, but if 50 women call one a rapist, you find it questionable?”

Along with the photo, she wrote a lengthy caption expanding on her thoughts about the reason she did the post, while also promoting for her annual Slut Walk.

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Bill Cosby

While she didn’t call out Bill Cosby by name, some assume that she is referring to the famed comedian, who has been accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women.

“Imagine being raped by everyone’s father figure, by a man that everyone loves, a man that is perceived as being wholesome, that has a hit television show, power, money, a man that is capable of having consensual sex with women but chose to drug you and rape you only to have power and control over you.”

She continued,

“Let’s not forget your family telling you to not say anything because it will jeopardize your job, your children and your livelihood. You will be famous for being “the girl that allegedly got raped by that famous guy” and who the fuck wants that kind of fame?”

The mother then begins to bring it all home by shining light about the apprehensiveness women receive after being sexually assaulted,

“But the real question is if you were in that situation who would you call? 911? Go to your local police department? Who would believe you? There are so many women that go through this every single day. This is why we need to stick together and know that we have a voice and we can make a change. #arsw18 #amberroseslutwalk”

One user commented on Rose’s post giving their two cents,

“It depends! If the person accused is famous then yea I gotta question it. People do anything an I mean ANYTHING for money these days.”

In response to his comment, Rose broke down her position by explaining,

“Let’s say my lawyer tells me that I have no way of winning this because no one believes me (but I was actually raped) I’m $100,000 in debt form paying my lawyer, I work a 9-to-5 and I have children. Do I get reimbursed to take care of my family and bow out gracefully? Or do I continue to fight the case that I will not against a rich and powerful man? Priorities.”

Rose’s SlutWalk will be held October 6th, 2018 in Los Angeles.

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