Touré Accused Of Sexually Harassing Ex Co-Worker, Journalist Responds

Dani, Touré

Touré Responds to Accusations He Sexually Harassed a Former Co-Worker In 2017

Music journalist Touré Neblett has admitted to being an aggressor when it came to sexually harassing a former co-worker. The information was made public by the accuser, Dani, after she confessed her experience via an Instagram comment. Dani, whose profession is makeup within the entertainment industry, shared why she thought Touré’s most recent comments about R. Kelly were hypocritical.

Touré appeared on The Clubhouse with Mouse Jones podcast along with fellow journalist Jamilah Lemieux, both, who also appeared on Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly.”

She said,

I used to work with him on a show in 2017 and he couldn’t stop asking me to do anal, how I looked naked, if I had sex over the weekend, what it would be like to f*ck me, what his cum would look like on my face…I had to have the crew stay in the room w me while I got him read…and when I left I called HR…he got fired instantly. He wrote me a huge apology for doing that in my DMs. Still have it. He did a 20/20 shoot in 2-18 and I was there and he walked out. Told the producer that he was “embarrassed bc he was inappropriate with a staff member”  he really needs to take a seat.

Dani explained the reason she came forward,

He went on Hot97 to talk about Harvey Weinstein (after he apologized). I accepted his apology and was ok to move on but, you can’t be a sexual predator and go around shaming other predators. When I saw him going around as R. Kelly’s docuseries spokesman to different radio stations, the lies had to stop. I’ve worked with Mouse Jones before and wanted him to know the truth.

The direct message she mentioned was indeed true. Obtained by Essence, Touré sent multiple apologetic messages in 2017.

In one particular message he stated,

Look I’ve learned a lot watching this happen. The way I teased you is no longer funny to me. I had no idea how rampant it is and how much it gets in a working woman’s way and how I was contributing to a whole environment of bs. And I hate that. I’m not playing like that with you or anyone anymore. I knew i was playing an aggressive game with you and I thought you knew where I was coming from but I wouldn’t out you or me in that position again. It was stupid and obnoxious and I feel bad about it.

Since Dani has shared her personal experiences, Touré has responded via his representative.

On the show, our team, including myself, engaged in edgy, crass banter, that at the time I did not think was offensive for our tight-knit group. I am sorry for my language and for making her feel uncomfortable in any way. As a lead on the show, I should have refrained from this behavior. I have learned and grown from this experience.

Dani has since responded to Touré’s statement. The makeup artist shared on her Instagram story,

Does anyone go to work and have their coworker ask about their a**hole? If you shave or wax your vagina? …if you like anal…and suggest they try it with him?


If you like black or white d*ck? Crass banter? During touch-ups when you mumbled under your breath how sexy I am? CRASS?!!! He was not liked, he was tolerated for everyone to get paid. PERIOD.

Check out another message below.

Authored by: Kellie Williams