Oprah Winfrey Sued By Pastor For Stealing “Greenleaf” Idea

Oprah Winfrey Sued By Pastor For Stealing "Greenleaf" Idea

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Sued By Pastor For Stealing “Greenleaf” Idea

Another day, another lawsuit for Oprah Winfrey. The 64-year-old media mogul has been hit with a lawsuit by a pastor and another person who claim that her Oprah Winfrey Network series Greenleaf is a stolen idea.

Oprah Winfrey Sued By Pastor For Stealing "Greenleaf" Idea

The suit was filed this week in federal court by Shannan Lynette Wynn and Pastor Lester Eugene Barrie. The suit states,

Hollywood has been the subject of extreme scrutiny due to revelations of what has been an undisclosed, decades-long history of abuse, sexual harassment and discrimination by those in power. On a different front, and just as pervasive, has been the flagrant pilfering of the creative; specifically, the victimization of the hard-working, dedicated writers, authors and creators whose toil and artistic works have been stolen, misattributed and exploited by the unscrupulous and untouchable titans and high-status players of the entertainment industry. Creative theft, in Hollywood, has become a cottage industry. “

The plaintiffs say they submitted a treatment for a project titled “Justice & Glory” to the defendants, and while Barrie and Wynn were later told that their idea had been rejected,

Years later, Plaintiffs saw their work produced and exploited by Defendants under a different name: ‘Greenleaf.’

The suit continues,

“[T]hey didn’t even seek to hide the theft; they used the same character names, and copied verbatim unique and novel storylines, themes, subplots and the overall tone of the show. They even named their antagonist after Plaintiff Pastor Barrie (Pastor Basie in ‘Greenleaf’). The setting of Defendants’ ‘Greenleaf’ is identical to that of Plaintiffs’ ‘Justice & Glory. ‘ Both shows are dramas that take place in the South and center around a powerful, African-American family dynasty and their sprawling megachurch,” the complaint adds. “The families of both shows live together in a mansion-style home sitting on a large plot of land, have private jets and live an affluent lifestyle. Their lives all center around the mega-church activities and people affiliated with the church in one aspect or another.”

They allege copyright infringement, breach of implied-infact contract and breach of written contract. They are seeking damages of $150,000 for each act of infringement and want an injunction barring the defendants from infringing on the plaintiffs’ copyright.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams