Toure Apologizes for Appearance on Piers Morgan, “I got caught up with ‘winning’….”

We previously reported on Toure and Piers Morgan going head-to-head on Piers’ show, about the Trayvon Martin case. After Piers Morgan interviewed George Zimmerman‘s brother, Toure  accused Piers Morgan of not being a good journalist and of making the situation worse.

Many people disagreed with Toure’s actions, though. They felt that he had no right to criticize Piers Morgan so harshly and some viewers even said that they were embarrassed by Toure’s behavior on the show. Either Toure heard about all the disapproval, or he came to his senses on his own. He took to twitter, to apologize for the heated argument. Peep what he had to say:

Click here to watch Toure’s appearance and weigh in on whether or not he should have apologized for his behavior.