“Married to Medicine’s” Mariah Huq Responds to Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Claims She Witnessed Her Doing Cocaine

Quad Webb-Lunceford, Mariah Huq

“Married to Medicine’s” Mariah Huq Responds to Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Claims She Witnessed Her Doing Cocaine

Viewers and fans of the BRAVO reality show, “Married to Medicine” have watched the friendship between stars Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford play out like a rollercoaster, with many ups, downs, and sharp edges. In part two of the show’s season six reunion, Mariah accused Quad of having an affair with her brother-in-law. Quad responded by accusing Mariah of being addicted to cocaine.

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Quad Webb-Lunceford gave a detailed account of Mariah Huq’s alleged drug use – including the first time she saw it with her own eyes. She said:

“I walked in on her using cocaine. We were at a friends’s condo…and I saw her…I cared so much for her, and I thought about her children. I thought about her husband, and it was very devastating.”

She also alleged that this wasn’t the last time she witnessed Mariah under the influence:

“It was some time ago, but remember when we had the incident at STK? She had powder on her nose then. In a rage, they had to tote her out the restaurant…This is nothing new. Production knows that she does that. People know that she’s using. And the deal is that it’s just like she’s spiraling out of control. And at some point – although I’m not her friend – you feel sorry; you wanna help her. A part of me wants to help her, because I think that she’s just losing it.”

Mariah Huq has finally issued her own statement on Instagram, vehemently denying ever using drugs. She said:

“In recent weeks, I have endured a series of malicious and deceitful assaults to me personal character and integrity. As a wife and the mother of young children, the impact on my family and me has been profound and incalculable. I do not, now nor have I ever, used illicit recreational drugs of any kind. Any and all statements to the contrary, especially by someone claiming to have witnessed such behavior, are patently false, defamatory and legally actionable. As creator, executive producer and a cast member of Married to Medicine, I wanted to create a platform where women – and particularly women of color – could be elevated and demonstrate the intrinsic power of sisterhood.”

Mariah’s caption insinuated that she thinks Quad is spreading a false story against her to stay a relevant cast member of the show. In hilarious hashtags, the caption reads:

“@iluvmariah #GetYouAnotherStoryLine #YouBestTo #YouAreNoLongerMarriedToMedicine #MarriedtoMed #CleanLife #RealLife #HappyHealty #IwillNotGetOffmyChariot #StillTheTree #Creator #EP”

Whose story do you believe – Mariah Huq’s or Quad Webb-Lunceford’s?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay