Cardi B Invited To Speak At Democratic Reception

Cardi B

Cardi B Invited To Speak At Democratic Reception

Cardi B’s impact on the general public is continuing to speak for itself. During the longest Government Shutdown in U.S. history, the rapper took to Instagram to speak in opposition of Donald Trump’s call to action and in defense of Government employees.

With Cardi making a one-minute video, Des Moines, Iowa Democrats are looking to use the rapper’s voice during a “reception of her choice.

Sean Bagniewski, the Polk County Democratic chair, is attempting to reach out to the rapper’s camp in an attempt to set something up, in connection to her performance scheduled in May at the Flyover festival.

Stranger things have happened. We are definitely serious about this. She speaks to the new activism in the Democratic Party. It’s a long shot, but a little bit of her presence would go a long way.

According to reports, caucus season are approaching in the state. Voters can expect to see widely known politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Texas legislative candidate Beto O’Rouke holding events in the coming months, as well.

Authored by: Andre Palmer