Royce Reed Credits Herself As Developer Of ‘Basketball Wives,’ Says She ‘Didn’t Know’ To Ask For A Producer Credit

Royce Reed

Royce Reed Credits Herself As Developer Of ‘Basketball Wives,’ Says She ‘Didn’t Know’ To Ask For A Producer Credit

Fans of Basketball Wives apparently owe a huge “thank you” to Royce Reed.

During a conversation with Carlos King, the former Orlando Magic cheerleader shared that she was introduced to the show’s creator Tom Huffman early on. In fact, she (allegedly) assisted in developing, pitching, and selling the hit VH1 series — though Shaunie O’Neal-Henderson usually receives the credit.

Royce Reed said,

“[Tom] started having me go to all the meetings. I was the one who pitched the show when we went and filmed the little sizzle, I was the only cast member that went to all the stations. I was the only one that was in those meetings. Shaunie wasn’t even there. It was me and Tom.”

Royce Reed revealed that at least eight networks, including the CW, initially expressed interest in the series. She remembered the test episode was filmed at a bar where she met the others in the original cast, noting that their lack of chemistry was evident because they didn’t really know each other.

She added,

“I know how to sell a show, obviously. I was in there they were asking all the questions [and] I was giving them all the right answers.”

In response to why she didn’t ask for a producer credit, Reed told Carlos King she “didn’t know” to do so. Still, she would say she’s one of the developers of the series.

Reed, who shares a child with former NBA player Dwight Howard, was an original cast member of Basketball Wives: Miami, appearing in the first four seasons. Her departure was met with persistent reports that she had been fired.

The spin-off of the original Basketball Wives — Basketball Wives LA — is currently in its 11th season and features MVPs Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie Henderson, Jennifer Williams, Jackie Christie and Brooke Bailey. Brittany Renner, Vanessa Rider, Jac’Eil Duckworth and Clayanna Warthen also joined the roster this go ’round.

Shaunie O’Neal, Cast Of Basketball Wives

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