Erica Mena’s Ex-Boyfriend Cliff Dixon Accuses Her Of Stealing From Him, Reality Star Responds: You Stole From Kevin Durant! 

Erica Mena’s Ex-Boyfriend Cliff Dixon Accuses Her Of Stealing From Him, Reality Star Responds: You Stole From Kevin Durant!

Before there was Safaree Samuels, Erica Mena was showing off for the ‘gram with her ex-boyfriend Cliff Dixon. The time of breakup is not evident, but it was soon after the former couple were arrested on grounds of a domestic dispute and marijuana possession in October 2018.

Shortly after, in November 2018, Mena was spotted at a basketball game with “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise co-star, Samuels, and then engaged Samuels in December 2018. With a wedding date already set, it seems Mena may have forgotten to tie some loose ends with Dixon.

The ex-boyfriend took to social media in now deleted posts calling out Mena for allegedly stealing items from him.

“Since you got the police involved I tried to do sh*t the right way & come pick up my TVs & rims & you say they ain’t there. How y’all sposed to have so much money but y’all stealing from me. I’m the broke one tho[?] You sposed to be happy & moving on but steady reaching out to anybody who block your weak ass but I’m the miserable one. MSH Guess you still flexin for the gram, that clout chasing gon run out

You come outside recording me for? Just give a nigga his shit & go be happy

Mena has since responded to the deleted posts. On Wednesday she shared on her Instagram Story,

This is the only time I’m ever going to address this cry wolf story. This individual is known for stealing from others and now wants to play victim. He refused to get his things out of my home. My charity in this case was to pay the expenses myself and get them removed for him………

She then provided images supporting her claims,

TVs were nicely and properly packed up and put into a storge unite i paid the first month for.

I spent 1,500 of my own money and it took 6 hours probably pack up all this indivduals belongings. This individual was arrested for domestic violence why would I want or need to keep anything? Ironically this person is first – before anything – known for stealing large amount of money from Kevin Durant and now wants to play the victim of [theft]? Says his jewelry was robbed as well, but has been seen wearing what was apparently stolen from him?


Wish him all the best. May he find peace. But please ‘don’t cry wolf.’

Dixon has yet to respond to Mena’s latest claims.

Authored by: Andre Palmer