Kid Buu Denies Assaulting Alleged Girlfriend Blac Chyna – I would never put my hands on a women

Blac Chyna, Kid Buu

Kid Buu Denies Assaulting Blac Chyna – I Would NEVER Put My Hands On A Woman! 

Just a day after reports of a domestic altercation between alleged couple, reality star Blac Chyna and rapper Kid Buu, the 30 year-old aspiring rapper took to social media to tell his side of the story. Kid Buu denies says that he is only a victim of public speculation and would never put his hands on a woman.

“Every single body out there that’s honestly feeding into this s**t and finding all this bulls**t entertaining—all these lies—thinking they’re cool and funny, you’re sad,” he said in an Instagram Live broadcast. My mom raised me better than that. I would never put my hands on a women—never have I, never will I, ever in my f**kin’ life.”

Buu continues,

“We livin’ in a good world. We honestly are. But everybody believes we live in a f**ked up world because all you guys wanna talk about is the negative […] Stop with that, for real. Stop with that, and leave me out of it.”

On Monday, the police were called for an “abuse of household member,” at a Ritz-Carlton Residences in Hawaii. According to reports, Chyna allegedly accused Kid Buu of cheating, and just before 7 AM it turned violent. Reportedly, Chyna scratched Kid Buu, and he then slammed her against the wall several times and choked her.

To make things official, Chyna’s Mom, Tokyo Toni, took to social media commenting on her daughters alteration On Monday morning. Tokyo says daughter, Blac Chyna, probably beat Buu up because she thinks he’s too skinny.

She probably beat his a** back. I mean, what the f*ck? Okay. She a tough girl. She’ll beat any b*tch a**, for sure! She probably- he’s skinny! Look at that little a** n*gga! Oh well. That’s what happens. So what.”

On the positive side, no injuries were reported after the altercation. Chyna has not made any statements on her domestic assault with Kidd Buu.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette