Shiggy – Stop Asking Me To Dance, I’m Done!

Shiggy Is Asking Everyone – Stop Asking Me to Dance

Shiggy, do you  love me? As the internet has slowly backed away from the #InMyFeelingChallenge, internet comedian, Shiggy Show, the man who exploded onto the scene after his choreographed dance made an online sensation, is asking everyone to let it go.  He helped rapper Drake turn his ‘In My Feelings’ single into a number one smash, while his Instagram post, has over 7 million views. After months and months of recognition from rapper Drake, Lil’ Wayne, even Rihanna for his popular dance craze, Shiggy captioned a photo to let everyone know,

“Stop asking me to dance.. I’m DONE”

One fan commented under his post, “At least for the kids.” Despite the fans request, Shiggy replied back by double downing on his stance.

He says,

“Nah, I’m done for real sh*t. Not fun no more, you could see it in my eyes.”

This comes on the hills of his latest dance video from an NBA game Shiggy was recently in attendance for. As the clip of his unique style of dance went viral at the game, Shiggy let us know he is done with the dance request.

Of course, the internet did not disappoint in the light of Shiggy’s request.

See a few reactions:

Shiggy, just last month reflected on his over night fame from his #InMyFeelingsChallenge, stating:

“I don’t feel like I would have did it any differently. The people on the news is doing it, it’s just like a lot of people that you don’t expect to do it and a lot of platforms. I never would have imagined being on.”

When was asked about the possibility of a new challenge, Shiggy responded:

“It doesn’t always have the same effect.”

Do you think it’s a good decision for Shiggy to stop the dance request? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Gregory Molette