Will Smith Says Son Jaden Has Always Rocked Bizarre Hair

Will Smith Says Son Jaden Has Always Rocked Bizarre Hair

In the latest episode of actor Will Smith and friends on his Instagram, Smith posted a flashback Friday video of his son, Jaden Smith and how he’s always had his own unique way of styling his hair. After coming home and greeting his son with a kiss, Smith realized something wasn’t quiet right as he walked around and spotted small and giant pieces of hair balls all over their couch and living room area. Seemed as young Jaden, 7, gave himself a cute, unique, new hairstyle. During the video, Smith asked son Jaden,

“What happened last night when you went to go sit on the big pot?”

Little Jaden replied,

“Ummm, I don’t know.”

Celebs posted their reaction of Smith’s video, including Will’s wife, Jada Smith.

Jada commented,

“I can’t believe you posted this”

Jaden, 20, shared that even as an adult, he still has the same unique, signature style with his hair from the young age of 7. As Will calls the hairstyle, the “Jaden’s Reverse Fade.”

Jaden captions the photo,

“Some things never change Dad, legend has it my hair is still a mystery to this day.”

How would you react to your child cutting the Jaden Reverse Fade in their hair? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Gregory Molette