Ja Rule Tells Fans To Curse At Him & Give Him The Middle Finger Over Fyre Festival [VIDEO]

Ja Rule

Ja Rule Tells Fans To Curse At Him & Give Him The Middle Finger Over Fyre Festival [VIDEO]

The R.U.L.E addressed his Fyre Festival controversy during his Friday night concert in New Jersey. Ja Rule (real name Jeffery Atkins), encouraged fans to release any frustration they have with him by holding their middle fingers up at the Grammy nominated rapper. He jokingly announced to the crowd,

“I know you all been watching a lot of documentaries and sh*t. Y’all might be a little mad at a n*gga, I’m here to say sorry. I want y’all to repeat after me. Get it out your f*cking system, we not going to do this sh*t for the rest of the year. Now get your m*therf*cking middle fingers up.”

Ja continued to encourage the crowd,

“Say, F*ck you, Ja Rule (Crowd follows request 3xs). F*ck y’all too!”

As previously reported, Rule was apart of an organization group whom organized the Fyre Festival which took place April of 2017 in the Great Exuma of the Bahamas. Dozens of attendees deemed the festival as a “disaster,” detailing the events as a “refugee camp,” with little to no food. Rule’s pivotal role in the festival involved co-producing along side of tech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, who is currently serving a prison sentence in connection to the festival.

According to reports, the tickets for the festival ranged from $1k-$12k and $250k for groups. Guests were promised a flight to the island along with several activities during the events. In April of 2017, Rule released the following statement,

“We are working right now on getting everyone of the island SAFE that is my immediate concern. I will make a statement soon I’m heartbroken at this moment my partners and I wanted this to be an amazing event it was NOT A SCAM as everyone is reporting. I don’t know how everything went so left but I’m working to make it right by making sure everyone is refunded… I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT but I’m taking responsibility. I’m deeply sorry to everyone who was inconvenienced by this.”

Ja Rule has continued to express his innocence after both Netflix and Hulu released their documentaries on about the controversy.


Should Ja Rule also be punished for his involvement in the Fyre Festival? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Gregory Molette