Actor Brandon T. Jackson Begs For Media’s Help, After Allegedly Called N-Word & Kicked Off US Airways Flight

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African American comedic actor Brandon T. Jackson is claiming an alleged and unfortunate incident took place on a recent domestic US Airways fight. According to the 29-year-old (whose credits include 8 Mile, Roll Bounce, Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, etc), one of the flight attendants called him the N-word and after some type of verbal exchange (we’re assuming this part), he was escorted off the plane. He claims that later he was not allowed to catch his connecting flight on US Airways, after being questioned by police. During the incident, he shared his story on Twitter, asking media to share the story with the public. He wrote:

US AIRWAYS their so racist they said “i don”t care if your Obama son get in your seat!!” Flight 629 flight attendant “DEE” please help !!!! blogs please help me pick this up they called me the N-word and said i don’t care if your Obama son us airways flight 629 attendant dee … i wish this racist generation just hurry up and die off… im tired of this … they want to escort me off the plane for her saying racial stuff i have witness … somebody please tweet about this this is insane … Dear #USAIRWAYS your staff is racist they said i dont care if your obama son get in your seat!!! @rolandsmartin I’m Actor not a thug … the problem is they want to escort me off the plane for her racial slurs … GUYS i need you help i am not going to jail for be called racial slurs please…

He continued:

We are about to land i have to turn my computer off if your a real fan you will help me rally … i cant go to jail for rascism against me…The cops are questioning me this is ridiculous … Please help…I was released from question and stranded in phx they will not let me fly anymore I don’t want to .. I’m taking this to CNN…I need somebody to pic this story up anybody of your black or white and your not a racist have blogs pic this story up Please…This was the most racist thing that ever happen to me even the white people on the plane was like that racist …..Going to sleep what a whack day joy comes in the morning!!! God bless guys thanks for the support …guys

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So what’s US Airways side of the story? TMZ reports that the airlines alleges that Brandon was obnoxiously playing loud music and was intoxicated. The rep told the outlet:

The disruptive behavior started with loud music being played by Mr. Jackson at his seat.  He was asked several times to turn down the music.  Additional erratic behavior was observed and that is when the crew made the decision to stop serving [alcohol to Brandon].

Crew members adamantly deny using the N-word, despite the actor’s allegations. When Jackson’s flight landed in Phoenix (where he was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Burbank) he was escorted off the plane and interviewed by the Phoenix police department.  Cops determined no crime was committed and he was allowed to leave — but US Airways banned him from getting on the plane to BUR. What are your thoughts and whose version of events do you believe? 

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