R.Kelly Says “Give Me That 14-Year-Old B**ty Hole” In Alleged Graphic Sex Tape


R.Kelly Says “Give Me That 14-Year-Old B**ty Hole” In Alleged Graphic Sex Tape

Even though he’s been recently released on bond, the details surrounding legendary singer/songwriter/producer R. Kelly are continuing to be revealed. The latest incident involves the recovery of a new sex tape featuring an allegedly underage girl, which reportedly contains Kelly confirming her minor status.

Attorney Michael Avenatti recently released the extremely graphic details of the latest sex tape set to be used as evidence against R. Kelly when he goes to trial on 10 counts of sexual abuse against underage girls. Kelly has pleaded not guilty on all counts, however if Avenatti has his way it won’t save him from being found guilty, especially if jurors factor in this new information.

In the new tape, Kelly reportedly verbally confirms the young girl’s age in the video with him numerous times, repeatedly referring to her as “14 years old.” Avenatti stated on social media that this new tape has officially been turned over to prosecutors.

WARNING: The below photo features extremely graphic conversation possibly involving a minor:

Kelly is also in a lot of financial trouble, as he owes over $100,000 in back child support. His previously scheduled concert in Germany has also been canceled with other future shows expected to follow the same route.

Do you think more R. Kelly sex tapes will come out? Should Michael Avenatti be releasing such crucial information on social media? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: Danielle Jennings