Future Says He Will Continue To Wear Gucci – “You Can Buy My Clothes Back If You Don’t Want Me To Wear It” [VIDEO]


Future Says He Will Continue To Wear Gucci – “You Can Buy My Clothes Back If You Don’t Want Me To Wear It” [VIDEO]

It was just earlier this year when high-fashion label Gucci found itself in hot water due to the selling of a sweater that many in the black community deemed to be resembling blackface.

The backlash from the sweater was so severe that, not only did the label pull the garment, but they also started an initiative to foster more diversity and inclusivity within the company.

However, many black A-list celebrities are still standing firmly on their choice to not support the brand any longer—but rapper Future is not one of them.

Gucci has been working overtime to repair its image in the wake of the blackface scandal that rocked social media, but despite the brand’s best efforts some of the biggest names in black Hollywood are not on board. This includes, T.I. (who has been arguably the most vocal about withdrawing his support,) 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Spike Lee and more. Additionally, some other celebs have continued to support Gucci throughout the backlash, such as Floyd Mayweather, Kodak Black…and now Atlanta rapper Future.

In a recent interview with Streetz Atlanta, Future explained why he will continue to wear Gucci and also why he doesn’t think the brand is racist:

“I bought Gucci before it got cancelled. So I’m still going to wear it. Because that’s my money. If you want to give me my money back, then we can talk – you can buy my clothes back if you don’t want me to wear it. I don’t feel like they did [the blackface sweater] out of ill intentions, but it ain’t for me to judge.

He continued,

Everybody always wants to judge somebody before having a real conversation with the designer. Without having a real conversation with the designer, y’all don’t know the background of the designer. The designer mama could be black, the designer daddy could be black, they don’t even understand. They’re just going off what somebody say off a comment. I can’t go off a comment. I just don’t know how to do it. That would be ignorant of me.”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings