Russell Simmons’ 16-Year-Old Daughter Aoki Lee Accepted Into Harvard! [VIDEO]

Aoki Lee Simmons

Congratulations! Aoki Lee Gets Accepted Into Harvard College Class of 2023

Congratulations to daughter of Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons, Aoki Lee. The 16-year-old was just accepted into the Ivy League school Harvard for the class of 2023! Simmons posted an emotional video on social media, sharing her and her family’s excited as Kimora screams with joy after reading her acceptance letter. Simmons writes,

“I’m only 16 and I’m going to Harvard baby! Insert emotional crying face. @kimoraleesimmons “thank god you got in on your own honey cause you can’t row” thank you so much to every single person who helped me along the way. I am excited and honored and so so grateful.”

Aoki proudly posted her acceptance letter detailing her possible future with the Ivy League school.

Her father, mogul Russell Simmons took to social media to share his proud father-daughter moment. Russell wrote,

“So blessed @aokileesimmons made it into HARVARD and Kimora Myself Or Tim didn’t have to go to jail “Aoki lee you are source of pride and inspiration to me your whole family and the whole world at large As you know and should always remember.”

He continues, giving his daughter life advice on how to be successful.

“We love u unconditionally Whether u have “success or failure” in the world … you will ALWAYS be truly successful in the most important category because you are a compassionate loving spirit who will always have your family and extended families love… Remember this as as you continue on your path .. God favors YOU ..and in this lifetime he will use you to do great work for the great good of this world.”

Simmons was congratulated by several notable celebs including models Winnie Harlow, and Eva Marcille. Her 1st cousins, Vanessa and Angela Simmons also sends their support in her comments.

Not only is Miss Aoki smart, she also takes a stand against racism, even in her current school. As previously reported, Simmons said she’s had enough of her classmate’s disrespect during a video and snapshots she posted on Instagram.

“I know it’s not just me and we all have these kinds of problems. But I am so over people at my school being racist and no one doing anything about it,”

She details her experience,

“I don’t have time for you. And this particular kid, I swear, all day long he cannot stop saying the N word. It’s like his favorite thing to say. He just cannot… I don’t even use it like that. He just loves to use it and see how far he can push it. And all of his friends don’t care. They all think they’re ‘woke’ nice good people, but they don’t stop him.”


Congratulation to Aoki Lee and to the Simmons family!


Authored by: Gregory Molette