EJ Johnson Clears Up Gender Identity Speculation – I Have No Plans To Transition!

EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson Clears Up Gender Identity, Says He Has No Plans To Transition

EJ Johnson, son of NBA Legend Magic Johnson, is no stranger to stepping outside of the box when it comes to his fashion choices and constant desire to challenge gender norms. In a new interview, he’s opening up about his gender identity and if he plans to transition.

EJ Johnson is well-known to flaunt his love for wearing women’s clothing and makeup, which has caused many to assume that he is on his way to transitioning to be a woman. However, in a new interview, Johnson sets the record straight about the rumors surrounding his gender identity, once and for all.

EJ Johnson – 2017 Halloween Party

Johnson states,

“I like myself the way that I am. I’m very happy with myself. I always say that if you feel like you’re not in the right body, then by all means get to where you want to be I don’t feel that I’m in the wrong body. I feel like this is the body I’m supposed to be in. … I don’t feel the need to transition. I’m almost 100 percent positive I won’t. I’m just very comfortable in my own skin. I like my body.”

Johnson, continued explaining how fashion allows him to experiment and that he’s finally comfortable with who he is:

“I can be [masculine], I can be [feminine]. I can do whatever I want with it and work with it. If I want to [dress in drag], then I’ll do that. But I don’t want to do that all the time. I feel like now is the best time of my evolution. I’m always constantly doing something else. I handle myself a lot differently and I’m happiest with this new person I’ve become of the past year or so. I’ve done a lot of growing, I think.”

Acknowledging that he is finally out of his “h** phase,” Johnson also expressed his desire to settle down with someone special:

“A lot has changed. I realize I’m not going to meet my man at a club, and that’s where I used to troll for men. We all had to go through a h** phase, and I think I’m successfully out of mine. I’m done. I had a really good run and I had a lot of good memories … and terrible ones … but mostly good ones!”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings