Will Smith Reveals Hilarious Photo Of His Genie Transformation [Photo]

Will Smith Reveals Hilarious Photo Of His Genie Transformation [Photo]

Actor Will Smith who took on the iconic role of Genie in the live-action adaptation of Aladdin, posted one of his many glamorous, elaborate gown looks while promoting the film on social media. In the photo, Smith, 50, can be seen wearing a ponytailed wig and red lipstick with matching eyeshadow makeup writing,

“Aladdin still in theaters!! How y’all gon’ resist THIS?!”

After posting, Smith’s look was received and liked by over 2.5 million people on Instagram alone. In his comments, Smith’s son, Jaden Smith’s water company, JUST Water gave some encouraging words writing,

”Beautiful. She glows from within. Probably drinks JUST.”

In Smith’s own comedic way, he detailed his beauty secrets while preparing for his role in his movie trailer backstage. In a video, Smith took a cute and funny jab at beauty mogul and ex-girlfriend to his son, Kylie Jenner. Smith says,

“The part I hate about not being able to play Genie is eyeliner. I really like wearing eyeliner. You see how pretty my eyes are?”

“This is my beauty tips and beauty secrets. I don’t want Kylie Jenner stealing my stuff!”

During the premiere of the live remake, Smith opened up about what he most enjoyed about his new film. He says he’s proud of the film’s decision to portray Jasmine as a free-willed feminist.

“There are quite a few updates that I am very proud of in this movie. The number one that I am proud of are the additions to the Princess Jasmine character.

Smith continued,

“The idea that her character wants to rule. That her father doesn’t have any sons and she doesn’t understand why she can’t be the next in line to rule the kingdom. And this is just a time when you know women aren’t allowed to rule in this world.”

As far as the success of Walt Disney’s new remastered Aladdin movie, according to Forbes the live-action movie held well with over $4.5 million Friday in its 3rd week. The Guy Ritchie-directed remake is expected to gross over $700 million worldwide by the end of the weekend.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette