Da Brat & Sister LisaRaye Have Explosive Argument [VIDEO]

Da Brat, LisaRaye McCoy

Da Brat & Sister Lisa Raye Have Explosive Argument On Camera [VIDEO]

For those who forget that Da Brat, 45, and LisaRaye McCoy, 51, are sisters, they had an emotional moment on Thursday’s episode WeTV’s Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta. 

The two were clearly having a disagreement when Da Brat had to remind her sister,

“I’m grown as hell.”

Da Brat then spilled a little wine after opening the bottle and refused to let LisaRaye help her clean it up.

LisaRaye then put her big sister hat on and yelled at Da Brat, 

“You wanna shut down, you wanna run out the room, you can’t take no more.”

She then pours the bottle of wine down the sink and tells Da Brat, 

“You a boss, you can buy another one… when we finish talking.”

Their heated moment turns into a sentimental one when LisaRaye reassures Da Brat that she wasn’t judging her.


“If I haven’t told you lately, I’m proud of you. I don’t want you walking away from here thinking I’m trying to belittle you because that’s so not it. You got that f***ed up. That’s my peace. And I love you.”

Da Brat later told cameras,

” I guess she’s trying to help. But a poster board and me sticking stuff on a poster board, looking at my life in a picture ain’t gonna make my problems go away.”

The two parted ways with “I love yous” and cussing at each other.

This isn’t the first time they’ve had a disagreement on the series. In a previous episode, Da Brat got emotional when talking to her sister about her bankruptcy troubles. She filed last year. While LisaRaye tried to encourage her and tell her she was proud of her, both sisters started to get teary-eyed while talking about what Da Brat has gone through in private.

It’s great to see these two iron out their differences in front of the world.

Authored by: Char Patterson