Blueface Says He’s ‘The Best Lyricist’ Of His Generation


Blueface Is Convinced He’s ‘The Best Lyricist’ Of His Generation

Blueface is not backing down from his claims that he’s the best lyricist in the game right now. He reiterated his thoughts on The Breakfast Club. During his interview, he explained:

“I feel like… If you really listen, a lot of y’all, they not even rapping no more… everybody singing or d*** near R&B show.”

He also had a response when co-host Charlamagne Tha God called him out for not being a real lyricist and compared him to the likes of Kendrick Lamar. 

Charlamagne Tha God


Kendrick Lamar

Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, said,

“I can’t even argue that point with you cause you probably never even heard a song before. So for me to go back and forth with that, that wouldn’t make sense… Why is giving an opinion he ain’t heard no song?”

The 22-year-old rapper clarified that he feels like he’s the best lyricist from his generation, new artists that have come out since 2016-2017.

“We can all agree they’re singing, right? How do y’all think I’m still here rapping off beat?”

His manager Wack 100 also co-signed and applauded Blueface’s wordplay skills.

The conversation came after the “Thotiana” rapper dubbed himself the best lyricist last week.

“Hey cuz, that’s on my mom and my sis: I’m the best lyricist in the muthaf***in’ game, bro. I might not have the best flow, sound—uh, I don’t know what the f*** ya’ll be listening to when ya’ll be listening to this other bulls***, but when it come to wordplay, cuz? Come on, bro.”

Some music fans disagree with his remarks.

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Authored by: Char Patterson