Mo’Nique Breaks Down In Tears Over Whoopi Goldberg’s Salary At “The View”: You’ve Been There 10 Years & You Accept Them Paying You That?

Mo’Nique, Whoopi Goldberg

Mo’Nique Breaks Down Over Salary Whoopi Goldberg Gets From ‘The View’ ‘You’ve Been There For 10 Years And You Accept Them Paying You That?’

Mo’Nique revealed a conversation between her and Whoopi Goldberg that lead her to tears. Fans might remember their disagreement on The View where Mo’Nique encouraged viewers to boycott Netflix. She attempted to cause a boycott for the streaming service and accused them of low-balling her as a Black woman when they offered her $500,000 for her special (compared to offering Amy Schumer $13 million and Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock $20 million each for theirs).

Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock

Still, that disagreement isn’t what caused Mo’Nique to have a breakdown recently. It was a conversation she and Goldberg had backstage that got her emotional.

She tells Comedy Hype,

“When I get Whoopi Goldberg on the flip saying f*** them little ones coming behind you. You better give a d*** about you. That crushed me that day in her dressing room. Because Whoopi Goldberg told me the salary she makes from ‘The View.’ And that hurt my feelings. You’ve been there for 10 years and you accept them paying you that? And you’re telling me, ‘Don’t worry about the little one coming up? D*** if I ain’t gotta be worried about you too. Because you accept that salary, it makes it hard for me. And how hard do you think it’s gonna make for the one who ain’t here yet, because you accept that salary?

She went on to add that Goldberg was adamant about Mo’Nique not caring about the women coming up behind them, which Mo’Nique said didn’t sit well with her.

“To stand in my sister’s dressing room, and she says to me, ‘You can’t be worried about the one coming up.’ What if Moms Mabley didn’t worry about you? What if those ones didn’t make it better for us? So, I tried not to take it personal, but it’s personal. Because these are the women I look to. So I don’t want the little girl who’s not here yet… or a little girl down the street at the juicebar… I don’t want her to walk away and say, ‘That ain’t who I thought she was.'”

She also commended Patti Labelle on being the same woman behind the cameras as she is in front of cameras.

Patti LaBelle

She recalled a time where LaBelle spent time hugging her despite Mo’Nique being the last person in line to meet her. She also said LaBelle helped her when she was going through her second divorce and had a dramatic moment before a comedy show. She said LaBelle told her,

“Don’t you ever let them see you fall apart. The one thing that man can’t take from you is your talent. You go out on that stage and you show your a**. You give the people in the back seats a hell of a show because they’re the ones that really didn’t have no money, that’s coming to see you.”

See the clip below.

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