G Herbo Admits Cheating On His Ex Ari Fletcher, While She Suffered From Postpartum Depression, w/ Girlfriend Taina Williams: I Was Wrong, There Was No Excuse

G Herbo Admits Cheating On His Ex Ari Fletcher, While She Suffered From Postpartum Depression, w/ Girlfriend Taina Williams: I Was Wrong, There Was No Excuse

G Herbo is finally admitting to his wrongdoings! 

Chicago rapper G Herbo recently appeared as a guest on Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast where he was candid about cheating on Ari Fletcher ex-girlfriend and baby mother to his four-year-old son Yosohn with his current girlfriend and baby mother Taina Williams.

Yung Miami, born Caresha Brownlee, asked G Herbo if he considered himself to be a cheater. He answered truthfully:

“Nah I wouldn’t say I’m a cheater. I cheated though.”

In a follow-up question, Yung Miami asked:

“Did you cheat on Ari with Taina?”

Herbo, born Herbert Wright III, admitted:


Trying to refrain from using useless excuses, the 27-year-old explained:

“Technically, yeah. Why? I was young. I was dumb. I ain’t know no better man. I was just doing sh*t. I was just, you feel me, like, just cheating.”

He elaborated:

“I ain’t gon’ say I was just cheating but it’s like me and Ari was at a space — and I done talked to her about this already — I done already said my bid, my peace and apologized. We was at a space, where like I said, mentally like, I be going through sh*t and I gotta like separate myself from sh*t. So, me and her was having our difference but that was no excuse to cheat on her. That was not why I cheated on her.”

Yung Miami, 28, chimed in:

“She said she was going through postpartum depression and you cheated on her. You know postpartum depression, that sh*t is really real.”

Herbo replied:

“That sh*t [is] real. I ain’t know, I was naive to that though. I ain’t never been around a woman who was suffering from postpartum depression or none of that and at the same time when she was going through that, I had just lost like one of my best friends. I lost my homie C-Money. So I was like, super stressed and sh*t.”

The “Kill Sh*t” rapper added:

“That ain’t no excuse. I ain’t make no excuse. I had to make peace with myself early on. Cause I thought I was right back then.”

Despite his recent confession, in the past, Herbo has denied cheating on Ari Fletcher with Taina Williams, who he now shares two children with.

As previously reported, at the beginning of her ex-boyfriend’s relationship with Taina Williams, Ari Fletcher was seemingly livid after a video of her son dancing with Taina surfaced on the internet. The social media influencer shared a lengthy post calling out Herbo and Taina, and also alleged Taina cheated on the rapper with a friend.

In a sit-down with Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast the father of three previously addressed speculation that he cheated on Ari with Taina. He claimed:

“Nah that wasn’t true. To be completely honest, I been around Taina multiple times before I ever said a word to her. I coulda tried to pursue her even if I failed at it. I just carry her a certain way where I knew I liked her enough. You know you gotta explain yourself ‘Oh it’s complicated right now. I ain’t with my girl,’you know? I ain’t wanna even have to do that. So I didn’t even approach her until I was in a position to not have to do so.”

He added:

“And even with my situation, early on with my son’s mom, I don’t think it was ever a situation where, it was just a lot of people on the outside chiming in. I don’t even really think she really felt like I cheated on her with Taina. I don’t really think she believed that for real.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill