Nicki Minaj Accused Of Putting A Hit Out On Media Personality Akademiks: If Anything Happens She Did It! [VIDEO]

Akademiks, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Accused Of Putting A Hit Out On Media Personality Akademiks: If Anything Happens She Did It!

Akademiks is calling out Nicki Minaj for allegedly threatening him. He streamed live via Twitch, in a nearly 4-hour video, and said,

“I get a DM… I got a DM, the DM said, ‘Yo you in New York? When you gonna be in New York? Who y’all think?”

He later revealed the alleged DM came from Nicki. 

“Nicki hit me, she said, ‘When are you gonna be in New York?’

He added that his history with Nicki is quite interesting and dates back to when he previously reacted to her Lookin A** song that was released in 2014.

He said her team got that content snatched down, stating there were copyright issues. While Nicki never responded to that directly, she allegedly stepped in after Akademiks made comments about Meek Mill shortly after he and Nicki broke up in January 2017. He said he simply stated that Meek’s career didn’t revolve around Nicki, and that Meek would be just fine after their split. He later got a phone call from someone who asked,

“What did you do to Nicki? Nicki is super and highly offended.”

Akademiks said Nicki then called around to try and get him fired, but it didn’t work because he doesn’t actually work for a media company.

Nicki MInaj

More recently, Akademiks pointed out that Nicki has made fun of his size and called him fat. But he said what really offended him was that she grouped him in with media companies and record labels that she said are trying to bring her down. Akademiks said,

“When she lumps my name into that, I can’t just be like ‘Oh just whatever.’ I take offense to it…I’ll be d**mned if I let a rich, entitled chick think that she can just throw me to the bushes or say some s*** about my brand, which is not true. I will fight till the end…”

He said he responded to Nicki’s claims by stating that her solo music is a “failure” and she’s had to beg for features like Tekashi 69 because history shows that her music alone has “flopped.”


He goes back to referencing the DM and said he told Nicki he would be back in New York Monday. She allegedly responded,

“You’ve been made since I made a joke about you with Joe on my show. The people you rep won’t be able to stop your jaw from getting broken. I know too much about your family for you to be playing with me, you h*e a** rat. Where you at now?”

He said he responded with laughing emojis and two thumbs up and then said,

“Your threat is received. We’ll see each other at some point I’m sure. Take care baby.”

She then referenced Tekashi, who is currently in jail and allegedly said,

“Exactly h*e. Still sad Tekashi ain’t here no more, so you can try to get some sneak feels on his booty? Don’t talk at a woman then run from a man. I’m glad it’s received rat. It won’t be the only thing you receive.”

Oddly enough, she followed it up with a laughing emoji. Akademiks said he then responded with,

“Sure. Just don’t play the woman card on me. I criticized your ex, many times while you were with him. I criticize everybody. I’m petty like the best of them. I know how to dish it and take it.”

She said her fiance Kenneth Petty also wanted to have a chat with him.

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

“Okay cool. But my husband wants to speak to you. Send your addy or your phone number, ain’t nothing left to talk about.”

He then told her,

“Just like how you take offense to with s*** all the time. I didn’t take offense that you called me a chipmunk or a sidekick. That’s not what I take offense at.”

He said he then told her he takes offense at her including him with blogs and other artists that she doesn’t get along with. He told her,

“I’m not team nobody, I’m team me.”

Nicki then allegedly said,

“Okay. Send your number and addy. My husband just wants to discuss something. That’s not okay?”

He told her,

“Nicki stop it. You already know the addresses I be at. Your fans got it, they leak it every 2 months, get it from them.”

He claims Nicki said,

“If I were you, I’d send your number cause you’re only gonna make it worse”

See it starting at the 4:58 mark and the screenshots at the 1 hour mark.


He also made the allegations on Twitter.

Nicki has yet to respond.

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Authored by: Char Patterson