Tamron Hall: I Never Imagined My Husband Would Be White

Tamron Hall: I Never Imagined My Husband Would Be White!

Television host Tamron Hall has found her forever in an interracial relationship – to the critique of some on social media. She debuted her husband Steve Greener and their baby boy, Moses, on Instagram last year to the shock of fans all over the country. With her new show, “The Tamron Hall Show,” on the way, she’s addressing her relationship head-on. 

Tamron Hall

The 48-year-old tells TheYBF that she never would have thought she would end up married to a white man:

“I never imagined my husband would be white. I grew up in Texas in a predominately black neighborhood. I’ve dated almost exclusively men of color, black men. He just so happened to be the person I fell in love with.”

But, she says that her interracial relationship doesn’t mean she hates men of her own race:

“In no way did marrying my husband mean that black men had failed me. I was raised by an unapologetic Black man who served in this country’s army for 30 years. That’s who I am. That’s the fiber of who I am.”

Tamron admits that she feared her husband would be hurt by backlash towards their relationship:

“There was a worry in the sense of I didn’t want him ridiculed or hurt and I didn’t want anyone feeling badly about themselves…our president [Barack Obama] is a product of an interracial relationship. It’s labels that were trying to break down on the show and that we can bring in conversations that are really happening.”

Tamron Hall and son Moses

She continued:

“This is the person who I love and who loves me and who roots for me. My husband used to be the executive producer of the ‘Bernie Mac Show’ and won a Peabody Award for it. One of the most powerful images of a strong black father figure in TV. He said to me ‘Be yourself.’ He gave me great advice along the way. I had to think about personal – well not consequences because I’m a grown woman. It wasn’t really that. We all love somebody and you don’t want anything you do to hurt them.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay