T.I. Tells Candace Owens “You Started With Some Bullsh*t” During Heated Exchange Over Politics

TI, Candace Owens 

T.I. Tells Candace Owens “You Started With Some Bullshit” During Heated Exchange Over Politics

T.I. didn’t hold back when he had the chance to come for conservative commentator Candace Owens. The two sat next to each other during panel over the weekend, and T.I. slammed Owens, who has been vocal about her support for President Donald Trump. 

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Donald Trump

He questioned Trump’s infamous campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” and asked Owens, 

“Which period was America great that we’re trying to replicate? Which era was it? Tell me!”

Many Trump critics have suggested that he was referring to slavery when he said, “Make America Great Again.”

While Owens said she wasn’t afraid to answer his question, she didn’t actually answer it. Instead, she said,

“Here’s the thing that you guys are forgetting, slavery was all over the world.”

She then responded to the crowd’s “boos” and said,

“I’m not saying it’s okay, so why are you saying ‘ooohhh’?”

Meanwhile, T.I. added,

“I wanna like you so bad, because you’re so smart.”

Owens then said,

“I can’t answer the question if you’re just gonna boo when I say slavery was all over the world, which is a fact. Why are you booing a fact?”

While T.I. accused Owens of “making light” of slavery, she said she didn’t have a chance to get to her point yet.

But T.I. indicated that he had heard enough.

“You started with some bulls***!”

Meanwhile, Owens and T.I. had another moment when the rapper said that Owens had a problem with fans booing her and cheering for him. While it was said he won the previous battle with Owens, there’s a clip that suggests Owens won this round. She told him,

“I said I don’t like when you go for gotcha moments, like when you’re like ‘Oh you started with some bulls***.’ …When you’re trying to just fight people, we all lose when you do something like that. Everybody loses when you go for a gotcha. I know how… if you wanna hype a crowd ‘Oh it’s bulls***! It’s racism! Get on your feet! F*** this! We gotta do our s***!'”

T.I. kept calling her “sister” trying to get his point in, but Owens refused to stop this time. So, he told the audience to clap for Owens. 

Killer Mike, who was also on the panel, told Owens, 

“You would’ve made a great rapper!”

Owens also captioned the clip on Twitter and said,

“I see clips circulating, indicating that I crushed @Tip or that @Tip crushed me. The truth is— yesterday was a moment for Black America. We ALL won. Thank you @Diddy for hosting such a wonderful event. I respect and love ALL of the panelists, despite our political differences.”

Check out the clip below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson