Wendy Williams Recalls How A ‘Music Mogul’ Sent His Girl Group To Beat Her Up, Was It Diddy And Total? [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams, Total, Diddy

Wendy Williams Recalls How A ‘Music Mogul’ Sent His Girl Group To Beat Her Up

Wendy Williams is known for spilling the tea! And while her latest juicy gossip occurred in the 90s and might not be news to some, it was still piping hot when she delivered the news on her daytime talk show Wednesday (Oct. 9).

Williams was addressing Amanda Seales for going public via her podcast to expose Issa Rae’s publicist, Vanessa Anderson, for allegedly kicking Seales out of a Black Hollywood party during the Emmy’s (read about that here).

Williams recalled a time where she was a target of a “music mogul’s” girl group. She explained how the musician sent the group to beat her up during her days on the radio.

“Fact! I finished my shift, rounded my headphones, put my bag in the crook of my arm, and see everybody lined up at the window looking down on the sidewalk. I had coworkers that weren’t friends… I’m going downstairs and my new boyfriend at the time the bad Kevin, but no this is when he was the good Kevin right? So I’m walking in the elevator with intern at the time, Skeletor. And I’m like ‘Why is everybody looking down at the sidewalk?’ I mean noses were pressed to the glass. And I get downstairs and find this girl group jump out of a Gypsy cab, to come after me, to kick my a**. And I’m like for what? You know what I said was true! You all are broke and living in the projects, and that was that!”

Wendy Williams

She then addressed actress Seales and added that her own incident will be in her biopic, which is set to premiere in February 2020.

“You know Amanda, you shouldn’t have…I didn’t get back on the radio to talk about it. What I did was desire to do better so I could have a purple chair and talk about it right now and have the whole thing play out in a Lifetime movie. So Amanda I’m sorry what happened to you. I need to know more of this story.”

While Williams said she didn’t run to the radio to speak on it, she did call out Total for the incident… on the radio. Interestingly enough, Total was under Diddy’s Bad Boy Records at the time.


Keisha Epps, Pamela Long and Kima Raynor of Total

“I remember I got off the air one day and them Total b****es were downstairs waiting, and everybody at the radio station is looking down, egging it on, waiting for something to go down!”

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

She said her then boyfriend, who she went on to marry and divorce, Kevin Hunter, saved the day.

“I wasn’t yet married, my night in shining armor screeched up in his car just out of nowhere. I didn’t even know what was about to happen. [Skeletor] hiding like a girl. Thanks Skel! I’m standing in the door like ‘What?!’ I’m not like, ‘What, let’s fight!’ cause I’m not that type of broad. And plus there’s three of them.

Within the comment section of our Instagram post, social media users speculated that Diddy may have been responsible for the incident.

What do you think about Diddy possibly sending Total to beat up Wendy back in the day? Tell us in the comments!

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