Donald Trump: Meghan Markle Is Taking Press Very Personally, You Have To Be A Little Different Than That

Donald Trump, Meghan Markle

Donald Trump: Meghan Markle Is Taking Bad Press Very Personally, You Have To Be A Little Different Than That

If there’s anyone who knows about how to deal with bad press it’s President Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who’s definitely no stranger to an unappealing headline or two, shared his thoughts on how the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markleis handling negative news about her.

“Well, I’ve been watching her interviews and I’ve seen it, and she’s taken it very personally. I guess you have to be a little bit different than that.”

He added,

“But she takes it very, very personally, and I can understand it. But I don’t know her. I will say I’ve met Harry, he’s great. He is really a fine young man, the whole family is terrific.”

His statements come after Markle opened up about negative press in the documentary “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey” that aired last month.

Markle said,

“Look, any woman, especially when they’re pregnant, you’re really vulnerable, and so that was made really challenging. And then when you have a newborn, you know?”

“Also, thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m okay. But it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes.”

Still, it might be safe to say Meghan Markle isn’t trying to hear what Donald Trump has to say. Just earlier this year, he reacted to news that Markle called him “misogynistic” during his 2016 run for President.

 “I didn’t know that. What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

He later denied insulting her.

“I never called Meghan Markle “nasty.” Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!”

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Authored by: Char Patterson