Porsha Williams Confirms Fiancé Dennis McKinley Cheated While She Was Pregnant

Porsha Williams, Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams Confirms Dennis McKinley Cheated While She Was Pregnant

The 12th season premiere of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta dropped all kinds of bombs about what the ladies have been up to since season 11 ended earlier this year.

The last time we saw Porsha Williams on the show, she was ready to pop and just weeks away from giving birth to her and fiancé Dennis McKinley’s first child, Pilar Jhena’.

But in the premiere that aired Sunday (Nov. 3), Porsha Williams revealed that she and Dennis McKinely were no longer living together as he cheated on her while she was still pregnant. There was also speculation that Dennis McKinley was involved with bestiality, which is sexual intercourse between a human and animal.

See it at the 4:09 mark and 18:17 mark.

There were also rumors that McKinley had a long-term affair with a woman named Sincerely, who attempted to clear her name on the show.

It didn’t take long for fans to head to Twitter to share their reactions to all of the speculation.

Williams and McKinley haven’t responded on social media yet.

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