Shaun King Lashes Out At Amanda Seales Over Her Comments About Rodney Reed: There Are So Many Lies In This Video! 

Shaun King, Amanda Seales

Shaun King Lashes Out At Amanda Seales Over Her Comments About Rodney Reed: There Are So Many Lies In This Video!

Amanda Seales’s comments about the Rodney Reed movement didn’t sit well with activist Shaun King.

While Amanda Seales was one of the first to speak out against Rodney Reed’s execution, she later said she wished she did more research before joining the group of celebrities who backed Rodney Reed, a Black Texas man on death row for the rape and murder of a white woman, Stacey Stites. 

She said that Reed’s DNA has been linked to several rapes in the past, including a woman who identified him after escaping his alleged attempt to assault her. She said those cases never went to trial because he was already on death row. See her full video below.

Now, Shaun King has fired back at Amanda Seales and posted a portion of her video. He called her out for allegedly stating false facts about Reed, including her claim that he raped and killed a woman who’s actually still alive.

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???? On behalf of the family of Rodney Reed, I have to respond here directly to @AmandaSeales. We’ve counted over 20 egregious factual errors in her viral video, but NONE were more inflammatory and damaging than this one. Here, she says that Rodney Reed, who she fails to say was a high school student at the time, in Wichita Falls, Texas, raped and killed a woman there. LIES. ALL LIES. I am proud to report that only Amanda, in her rush to get a video out, killed that woman. She is thankfully still alive and well today. She was not murdered by Rodney or anyone else. And a jury voted quickly and unanimously to acquit Rodney on all charges in that case. Sooooooo many lies in this video. Rodney did not commit the crime, was acquitted, and the woman was never murdered. ??? People. Be careful what you listen to out here. Amanda called herself Google searching the case for a few hours and said a lot of factually incorrect stuff that does real harm.

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Seales has since explained why she felt tricked into backing Reed. 

“The doozy of this is that if you’re asking folks to lend their name or their likeness, their platform… for what it’s worth it ends up being their opinion on how they receive the facts. We live in a time where facts have almost become objective to people.”

As for the case concerning the woman who’s still alive, Seales seems to be standing by her comments. She said,

“Well he was tried for the rape and murder of a girl in Wichita, Texas. And he was exonerated. So, what are we talking about? The reality is this, this person has been attached to several instances of accusation of rape. There are women who are still alive and able to ID him. We’ve seen other scenarios where, like people with less evidence are considered a problem for having accusations of rape attached to them. So for me, it’s not apologizing for or retracting. Because the point that I was making… I felt like there was a lot of pertinent information attached to this individual’s existence in relation to this case that was not presented.”

She added,

“I would have managed my alignment with it had I known more.”

See it starting at the 4:09 mark.

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Authored by: Char Patterson