Fat Joe Considers Retiring, Admits If He Doesn’t Tour: I’m Broke!

Fat Joe Considers Retiring: I’m 85 Percent Done

Fat Joe said he’s almost ready to hang it up.

He hinted at retiring sooner than later after being in the music industry for more than 25 years.

He revealed during an interview with CBS News recently,

“I’m almost out of here. I think I’m retiring. It’s time to give it up. I’m tryin gto walk off on it… The Kobe Bryant, the Obama drop the mic and just walk off. I might be. I’m really there. I’ve never felt like this is my life.”

He suggested that his family is a major factor in his decision. He said of his daughter 14-year-old Azariah, 

 “I really want to watch my daughter. I really wanna take her to school every day. Watch her, make sure she’s like… That’s really the conflict… Little girls, 13, 14, very impressionable right now. So I want to make sure every time she turns around, her dad is there when she looks around and I’m there for her. “

He’s also dad to two sons, Ryan and Joey, who is autistic.

He then acknowledged producer Andre “Dre” Lyon who was nearby and said,

“My love for Hip Hop is crazy. He doesn’t believe me. He’s never heard me say this. I’ve got mad at all the other rappers who said they’re retiring and they came back. No, I’m a strong advocate against that. So…I’ve been flirting with it. I’m like a 85 percent gone.”

Fat Joe, who’s currently on WeTV’s “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York,” said he won’t be saying goodbye to fame or music altogether.

“We’d be broke. If I don’t tour, I’m broke.”

Meanwhile, he’s gearing up for the released of his 11th studio album, Family Ties, that’s scheduled to hit shelves and streaming platforms Friday (Dec. 6).

It’s his most recent album in two years, following his collaboration with Remy Ma, Plata O Plomo, that included their hit song “All The Way Up.”

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