Summer Walker Scammed Into Buying $75 Worth of Fake Marijuana [VIDEO]

Summer Walker

Summer Walker Scammed Into Buying $75 Worth of Fake Marijuana In Miami [VIDEO]

Singer Summer Walker, 23, took her first “L” in the new year after allegedly being scammed while in Miami into purchasing a bag of fake marijuana for $75. In a video, Summer Walker says what appeared to be weed, turns out to be an everyday food seasoning packaged. After realizing the obvious finesses, Walker took to social media to vent her frustration.

“Watch out Miami, they out here selling people oregano seasoning. $75 for some grass.”

After sharing, super producer and boyfriend to the singer London On Da Track took to the comments to defend his lady saying,

“Lol dub dat ain’t her sh*t, she don’t even smoke. Sh*t was funny af.”

As previously reported, Walker and the super producer are continuing their romance as he recently splurged on his award-winning girlfriend for Christmas and left her speechless. Walked shared footage of their special moment and showed off the jewelry that included a watch, a necklace, and a few rings. She wrote,

“I don’t have any words lol i ain’t never seen nothing like this….. I’m just blown away thank you pumkin“

She posted another video of London helping her put on the jewels and wrote,

“Appreciation gifts”

Now, those diamonds don’t look fake at all.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette