Lenny Kravitz Bonds With Actor Denzel Washington & His Sons Malcolm & John David Washington [PHOTOS]

Lenny Kravitz Bonds w/ Actor Denzel Washington & His Sons [PHOTOS]

Singer Lenny Kravitz shares a glimpse into his bromance with legendary actor, Denzel Washington. On Friday (Jan. 3rd), he shared images of him taking in nature with ‘The Equalizer,’ actor along with his sons John David and Malcolm Washington. The singer adds a simple caption to note their more than decade old relationship,


In another shot, Kravitz and Denzel were joined by the actors two sons who all give a huge smile for the camera.

Kravitz, 55, and Denzel, 65, both were born in two different generations, but have continued to hold a close bond throughout the years. In 2014, Kravitz touched on his brotherhood with the decorated actor stating:

“That’s my brother, man, I love this guy.”

The A-listers have even taken a cruise on the coast of Italy together on a yacht. Kravitz adds how he and Denzel relaxed on their luxurious yacht while watching some of the actors classics films,

“I got him to watch all of his movies. We sat on that boat… John Q, Man On Fire, Malcolm X, Hurricane. And what’s great is you get the commentary. It’s actually kind of fun.”

Would love to be a fly on the wall with these two stars!

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Authored by: Gregory Molette