Monica’s Ex-Husband Shannon Brown Says He Has Hopes They’ll Get Back Together [WATCH]

Shannon Brown & Monica

Monica’s Ex-Husband Shannon Brown Says He Has Hopes They’ll Get Back Together [WATCH]

Shannon Brown is still fighting for his family. The former Los Angeles Lakers star and ex-husband of singer Monica said he doesn’t think their relationship is over just yet.

During an interview with Chicago’s WGCI radio station, he said,

“She my forever Valentine… I’m gonna get sentimental again. She’s just a huge part of how I think about just love I guess. She shows love, I try to show it back.”

When asked if there was hope they would get back together he laughed and said,

“I think it’s a little pavement I could get into.”

Interestingly enough, his comments come after she was allegedly spotted rocking her wedding ring while hanging out with The Neptunes.

She shared a video on her Instagram stories the same day of them eating from Trick Daddy’s Sunday’s Eatery, appearing to wear her wedding ring.

She and Shannon Brown tied the knot in 2010 but split last year. While they’ve faced infidelity rumors in the past, Monica said they didn’t break up because of another woman.

She said,

“Luckily, for us, it wasn’t another person that was the issue but in the times that I’ve experienced that, I definitely act out very harshly. So that part of the growth has been good. Me being hurt repeatedly allowed me to say, ‘Okay, how do you deal with hurt?’”

“Even though I’m on reality TV, there’s certain parts and elements of it that I’ve never discussed because when you get married, it is between the two of you and whatever happens within it, it’s us and God. No matter what happens, he will always get my absolute respect, gratitude and also my assistance in being a part of whatever his life becomes … I’ll be there to support because that’s what I vowed to do, even when the other side of it does not work.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson