Diddy Posts Video From Hospital Bed: This Is My Fourth Surgery In Two Years! 

Diddy Posts Video From Hospital Bed: This Is My Fourth Surgery In Two Years!

Music executive, Sean “Diddy” Combs, 50, is officially being back the iconic MTV series ‘Making The Band.’


However, on Friday (Feb. 21st), the Grammy Award-winning super producer revealed to fans that he would be missing the first round of auditions due to undergoing his fourth surgery in two years.

In a video filmed from his hospital bed, Diddy says he will be missing the first upcoming auditions in Atlanta for his series reboot following his surgery plan to under the knife to repair a quadriceps tendon tear. Diddy says in the clip,

”I’m going to be watching and judging from my bed at home. I’m sending the Combs cartel down there.”

He adds,

”It’s time we bring R&B back. Make and female singers, you can be any race, cred, color, sexuality, but you have to be able to sing and be able to dance.”


In addition, Diddy also reveals in a separate Instagram story video how he injured his quadriceps,

“I’m clumsy. I trip. I fall. I fall in holes. It’s always been like that. This is my fourth surgery in two years. I’ve had two rotator cuffs, a knee replacement, and now it’s on quad.”

Recently, the ‘Making The Band’ executive announced there will be some new faces joining the reboot as judges. Diddy will reprise his role as the mentor/producer of the entire show, while his three sons Christian Combs, Quincy Brown, and Justin Combs will serve as the judges. Quincy says in their announcement,

“We not settling for just anybody. If you feel like you got what it takes to compete in today’s industry—y’all know how our pops does it. So expect nothing but the best to be showing up.”

As previously reported, famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson will also return to the reality competition series. The beloved choreographer teased her return in an Instagram story video with Quincy on Friday.

Open auditions for ‘Making the Band,’ will go down in Atlanta (Feb. 28-29), Houston (March 7-8), Charlotte, North Carolina (March 13-14), and New York (March 21-22).

The first season of ‘Making the Band,’ aired in 2000 on ABC and followed the formation of the boy band O-Town. The show premiered on MTV two years later with Diddy at the helm. Acts like Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang where featured throughout the series’ run on MTV.


Get well soon Diddy! 

Authored by: Gregory Molette