Summer Walker Wears Mask & Garbage Bag To Avoid Coronavirus At Airport [Photo]

Summer Walker

Summer Walker Wears Garbage Bag Dress To Avoid Coronavirus At Airport

Summer Walker is taking all precautions when it comes to protecting herself from the outbreak of the Coronavirus. On Friday (Feb. 28th) the 23-year-old took to her Instagram to share how she’s playing no games when it comes to the virus.

While appearing to be catching a flight, she wore what appeared to be a garbage bag, with a green hoodie and black studded sunglasses. She also wore surgical mask to cover her face.

Soon after Walker shared her airport attire, the singer alluded to the new virus being the product of a population control. She responds to a social  media user who wrote about Walker possibly being dragged for her appearance. Walker responded,

“I don’t give 1 half of a single f*ck. If y’all wanna be a product of population control that’s on you.”

Earlier this month, Walker made headlines for referencing HIV. After revealing her laptop was stolen, Walker took to Instagram to air out her anger. She wrote on social media:

Who ever stole my laptop off that la flight last night can suck a fat stankin uncercumsized HIV infested d***”

Following some backlash, she stated:

Idc if I’m ‘canceled’ I offend someone everyday wtf is new”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette