Antonio Brown Reveals He Proposed to Chelsie Kyriss Months After Accusing Her Of Trying To Steal His Bentley

Antonio Brown Reveals He Proposed to Chelsie Kyriss Months After Accusing Her Of Trying To Steal His Bentley

Former NFL star Antonio Brown has seemingly turned over a new leaf, especially with the mother of three of his five children, Chelsie Kyriss. On Thursday (March 12), Antonio Brown announced the couple’s shocking engagement just weeks after their viral altercation at AB’s Hollywood, Florida home.

In the video shared by Antonio Brown, the former NFL wide receiver is seen seemingly hugging and massaging his now-fiancée’s back. He proudly revealed,

“I just proposed”

The newly engaged couple has had an incredibly rocky history in recent weeks. Reportedly, AB and Chelsie Kyriss got back together at some point during Super Bowl weekend.

Just over a month ago, AB shared a positive message.

“First and foremost, I will love to Thanks the most high “God” for allowing the “God” thats in me to really look deep into myself, Mainly because greater the spirit thats in us,than the spirit thats Of the world.”

He then adds a heartfelt apology to his baby mother for the hurt and embarrassment,

“And me being a “God” fearing man first, Truly understand That I owe my wonderful Kids and the mother Chelsie of my wonderful kids, The world Biggest Apology, for my Public out breaks through social media, and for the hurt that I may have took them through while on my Emotional roller Coaster that we all are faced with in Life. #TheGreaterMe”

His apology follows AB’s live footage via Instagram capturing a disturbing and heated moment after AB accused Kyriss of allegedly trying to steal his Bentley.

In the footage, AB is walking around the car, showing that several police officers were in the area. He said,

“A whole lotta broke h*es, that’s what it is. They’re broke and they can’t finesse so they try to come steal. You see it? You come to take the kids to school? You can’t take them, so you try to steal.”

Antonio Brown, Chelsie Kyriss

Days after, Kyriss broke her silence in the aftermath of the former NFL star filming himself, screaming vulgar language toward local law enforcement during a domestic dispute with Kyriss. She posted a social media message sharing a photo of their three sons, Autonomy, Ali, and Apollo Brown writing:

“Over the last few years I have stood at the side of my children’s father Antonio Brown and watched the rise and fall of an incredible man and athlete. Our children and I have distanced ourselves from him and our former home. Although we have parted ways I wish nothing but the best for him.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette