O.T. Genasis Claims He Sold Drugs To Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie + Her Sister Neffe Reacts “You Wish You Had A Mother, That’s Why You Asked Kris Jenner To Adopt You!”

O.T. Genasis Claims He Sold Drugs To Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie + Her Sister Neffe Reacts “You Wish You Had A Mother, That’s Why You Asked Kris Jenner To Adopt You!”

Update #2 (April 14th): The insults continue between Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffeteria and rapper O.T. Genasis. OT posted a clip from Neffe’s appearance on Iyanla, Fix My Life.


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Makes you wanna WHAT? ?????? ? @therealneffeteria

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He also posted a mugshot of Neffe and Keyshia’s mother Frankie, claiming that he once sold drugs to her.

Neffe responded, saying he had damaged sperm and alleging that he asked Kris Jenner to adopt him. She writes:

Looks like I striked a nerve huh little Odis! You wish you had a mother that’s why you asked Kris Jenner to adopt you? You won’t back me into a corner I see the real you sweet cheeks,a woman finally standing up to you and you have no control over this one!! your attempts are failing miserably now the world can see what a coward you are to bring up someone’s mother, Let’s not talk about your damaged sperm. Your true colors are showing you shadow of a man , your short man syndrome is taking control you should stop this isn’t very masculine of you little odis! This y’all Crip king? matter of fact woman to women you should hit me up and tell me how you feel to my face NIECE ?? #MessyBottom

Original story: The apparent beef between 38-year-old singer Keyshia Cole and 32-year-old rapper O.T. Genasis just won’t seem to go away. On April 13, Keyshia Cole’s sister, reality tv-star Neffeteria, called out the Atlanta-born rapper for harsh comments he recently made during his Instagram live stream regarding her sibling’s personal hygiene. Following his remarks Neffeteria took to her own Instagram page and posted a photo of O.T. Genasis with the caption that reads: 

“I will never respect a Greasy disrespectful shadow of a man coming for a woman who has said nothing about you! Men with Mommy issues trying to tear women down I know you got bullied in school and was always denied by the pretty girls clearly! so Um is this the new normal? We gonna sit here and let him do that and think it’s funny ?”

She then referenced his ex, Malika Haqq, whose best friend is Khloe Kardashian. O.T. Genasis and Malika Haqq just welcomed a baby boy, which Neffeteria also mentioned.

Malika Haqq, O.T. Genasis

She continued,

Sir continue to chase after the woman that is still trying to keep up with a kardashian! And you claim to be this gangsta… Crip walk yo a** to take care of that baby! maybe if some fish sticks was in your mouth you would finally shut it!!!!!… pure short man syndrome! come holla at me ??”

The drama between O.T. Genasis and Keyshia Cole isn’t anything new. The two artists have been going back and forth with one another since this past December when O.T. Genasis remade Keyshia Cole’s hit song Love without her permission. 


Since then it has seemed that O.T. Genasis has been trolling Keyshia Cole out of spite because his rendition of her song was removed from YouTube.  

O.T. Genasis did post (and delete) somewhat of an apology following his remarks about Keyshia Cole during his live stream and said that he was only joking. 

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel