Keke Palmer & Kelly Rowland Have Racy Convo About Sex: I Didn’t Understand Penetration + Michelle Williams Reveals: I’m Celibate! 

Keke Palmer & Kelly Rowland Have Racy Convo About Sex: I Didn’t Understand Penetration + Michelle Williams Reveals: I’m Celibate!

Singer Kelly Rowland is back at it again with her steamy IG lives with another segment of “Coffee with Kelly”, this time with her Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams and singer/ talk show host Keke Palmer.  The ladies did not hold back from a variety of topics such as Kelly Rowland’s usual kinky questions, practicing celibacy, losing virginity, and penetration.

Kelly Rowland starts off with Michelle Williams saying,

“I can’t ask you the kinky questions!”

In which Michelle Williams responds,

“I’ve been seeing, y’all been cutting up. If this [lip gloss] was blessed oil I would put it all on your forehead… I’m just playing you’re married so you get to do all that stuff while I just sit here and be jealous and wait for my turn.”

Michelle Williams then goes on to say,

“I have been practicing being celibate.”

Kelly responds by saying,

“We were talking about something like this today. Like what was your most — nevermind.”

Michelle told her,

“You have to call me first, we can’t talk about this in front of thousands of people, you have to call me for some of these questions”

Kelly promised:

“Well I’ll call you later then”

Later on in the live, Keke Palmer joins in and Kelly asks her,

“What was the thing you were the most curious about prior to having sex?”

Keke Palmer responds saying,

“I didn’t understand penetration. I didn’t understand it because I had never had sex before. Before then I had always thought I didn’t understand that penises got hard because I had never seen one. So I kept wondering how do people have sex but the penis gets fat. So of course one day I had sex finding out, but I didn’t understand how sex worked.”

Kelly says,

“Okay one more question, your expectations versus what sex really felt like the first time?”

In which Keke responds,

“My expectations were ‘Love and Basketball’ but I feel like it was what it was like for everybody, which is ‘Let’s just try something real quick.’ I think the reality is I think sex, you mentally can’t prepare for it. That’s the reality no matter what age no matter what you can’t really be prepared for sex. So when it happens, it’s always awkward the first time. You don’t want it to be but it is a little bit because you don’t really know what you’re doing. You don’t really know how you’re supposed to let go. So it was an awkward experience because I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Kelly then tells her experience saying,

“I remember I was so embarrassed, like super embarrassed before it started. So I remember like being so nervous, like my hands were shaking and it [sex] was actually to the Goo Goo dolls’ ‘Iris’. But I remember I was like “Is that it?”

Keke agrees with Kelly saying that the whole experience of sex was weird. She says that when people decide to have sex they just have to go for it because the first time is never going to be like the movies.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla