Porsha Williams Accuses Kenya Moore Of Bashing Cynthia Bailey In Secret Text Messages: Fake Friend!

Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams Accuses Kenya Moore Of Bashing Cynthia Bailey In Secret Text Messages: Fake Friend!

On Sunday, virtual fireworks will fly when the social distancing reunion of the latest season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will be aired! Clips from the upcoming show have been circulating around the Internet and in the latest round, Porsha Williams claims that she received some not-so-nice words via text message from Kenya Moore about Cynthia Bailey. You can see and hear Cynthia Bailey question the validity of this claim:

Cynthia Bailey: Kenya to you?

Porsha Williams: Yes

Cynthia: Doggin’ me out tryna take me out while Kenya and I have been friends? I, I, I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that.

Kenya Moore: Right! Show that text. Show that text.

Porsha Williams: I’ll send it to you Andy, but I’ll ask you not to publish it because I don’t wanna do Kenya like that. I sure will. I sure will.

Kenya Moore: What are we talking about? I’m gonna text you, someone who’s not my friend, about my friend?

Andy: Send me the screenshot.

Porsha: Fake friend!

In the clip, Marlo Hampton reacts to the exchange between Porsha and Kenya and Porsha indicates with hand motions to Cynthia that she is looking out for her:

Marlo Hampton: Wow.

Andy Cohen: Send me the screenshot.

Marlo Hampton: I need another drink for this tea.

Porsha: Cynthia! She ain’t your friend.

Kenya: Send it to all of us since you wanna talk about I’m talking about being a friend.

Porsha: You’re a horrible friend with your fake receipts. But you look cute!

Andy Cohen: Porsha, send the screenshot of that text message to Cynthia and I.

Porsha: No problem!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a “RHOA” reunion without some choice words from one of the show’s veterans, Nene Leakes. The “Come and Get This Hunni” singer was not here for anything Eva Marcille had to say. These two exchanged numerous insults in the reunion teaser clip:

Eva Marcille: Sweetheart, baby, it’s whatever I want it to be.

Nene Leakes: You just wanna save that plum and try to turn it into a peach and nobody’s gonna help you today. You’ve not been anywhere.

Eva Marcille: I was on the red carpet YOU were trying to get on when I meet you sweetheart!

Nene Leakes: Girl nobody cares about you being on carpets 17 years ago, okay?!

Eva: Been on it! Yes! I’ve been on the cover of magazines. I’ve been the face of cosmetic lines!

Nene: You didn’t save $17. Don’t nobody care. You were broke when you came to Atlanta. I been on the cover of magazines too.

Eva: Since when?

Nene: All you can talk about is [‘America’s Next] Top Model’ and that was the last time you was on top! You a freshman b*tch. Remember that.

Eva: Yes, yes! And you’re a grad student double time.

Nene: A lot of us are your elders. Respect your elders! Respect your elders! Respect your elders!

Eva: You haven’t seen a camera before 2003

NeNe: You’re done. Go back to L.A. and lick the bottom. You were out there licking Nene to stay on top honey.

The reunion show’s host, Andy Cohen, seemed to be done with Eva and NeNe hurling insults at one another and actually put the two on mute!

Andy: Okay. All right. Moving on.

Eva: Are those the ones who sent you to the outskirts of Atlanta?

Andy: Mute!

Porsha: Ooh they went on mute? No they did not!


It looks like Eva and Nene weren’t the only two who were muted during the taping of the virtual reunion.  Kandi Burruss-Tucker recently broke down the reunion in detail and said she and Nene were also the subjects of the mute button:

At one point, Nene and I was cussing each other out so bad, and yelling at each other so hard, that Andy was trying to talk, and we wouldn’t let him talk. We were talking over him. They had to mute our microphones.

In response to the moment where Kandi Burruss-Tucker is seen yelling at NeNe Leakes in a clip, Kandi says:

To be clear, I’m a Taurus woman. My birthday’s coming up soon. Typically we can be very calm, until we blow up on your a**. There was some crazy arguments during the reunion. There has been one of us in the bunch, who has been going on and doing a whole press tour about the reunion, trying to tell everything that happened from their side before it happens. To me, I think it’s damage control… And yes I’m talking about Nene, I’m not even gonna tiptoe around it. She’s definitely been doing some damage control tour all around. Everywhere I see…I’m gonna talk more about it when the reunion comes on because I don’t wanna give away things that haven’t played out yet.

Watch the showdown between “The Real Housewives on Atlanta” Sunday, May 10 at 8/7c on Bravo!

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz