Future Says Baby Mama’s Are Being Used As Props


Future Says Baby Mama’s Are Being Used As Props: Let The Streets Cover Her Tab!

On the heels of Mother’s Day, rapper, Future appears to be lashing out on social media.

Future, Eliza Reign

Some speculate that his latest comments may be about his newly confirmed child’s mother, Eliza Reign.

After making the announcement about his latest album, this week, Future then tweeted a series of messages.


They read:

“maann dat bih FRIED”

“Let the streets cover her tab.”

“F*ck all that cute sh*t.”

“She belongs to the streets.”

“Dey using nighas baby momma as props now young nighas TURNT #VERYPROUDOFU”


As previously reported, on Mother’s Day, Future thanked 6 of his baby mamas, not including two women who were rumored to have his children, (1 of which is Eliza Reign, now confirmed to be his child, Reign Wilburn’s mom).


There is no official word on a response from Eliza, but she has since posted on her Instagram Stories, with what could be her own cryptic message that reads:

“Virgo It’s all fun & games until I’m unreachable, unavailable, and uninterested”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers