RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey: Ending My Friendship With NeNe Leakes Helped My Marriage

Cynthia Bailey Marriage Better Since Ending Friendship With NeNe Leakes

Marriage is even sweeter for Cynthia Bailey these days. In an interview with ESSENCE the former super model says that ending a reality TV friendship, has somehow helped her marriage to Peter Thomas.

If you’re a Real Housewives of Atlanta junkie, you watched the friendship between Cynthia and NeNe Leakes sadly end.

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But don’t cry for Cynthia, she’s now re-channeling her energy to her better half:

I had put a lot of energy into my friendship with NeNe and I think what ended up happening for me—and I’m speaking for me on my side of the friendship—some of the energy that I was pouring into my friendship with her I should have been pouring into my marriage. Some friends are just needier than others, and I’m not trying to say anything bad about NeNe. I’m just saying I put a lot of energy into that relationship. And, I felt like once that relationship went away I had all this time to pour into my life and my husband and my kid.

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When asked the status of her relationship with NeNe, she says:

Toward the beginning of this season I was very hurt by some of the things that happened toward the end of our