Joe Budden Responds To “The Real” About His Kevin Hart Comments: I Wasn’t Saying He Should Be Able To Cheat!

Joe Budden, Cast of The Real and Kevin Hart

Joe Budden Responds To “The Real” About His Kevin Hart Comments: I Wasn’t Saying He Should Be Able To Cheat!

Rapper turned media personality Joe Budden never shies away from a little controversy. The “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” star ruffled a few feathers, including the hosts of the talk show, “The Real,” when he commented on Kevin Hart’s recent Netflix doc.

He said:

“He works really hard. I can work harder. Like, I can see how n*ggas cheat…In thinking about how hard he works, sometimes you’re not home but for 10 seconds in the day, for however many days. And I, as a man, can understand how that can be difficult…I like the way that he, his wife and his friends even attacked that aspect of things, the cheating…I might have paid the n*gga that was trying to blackmail me and ruin my household.”

Joe Budden

In response, Loni Love responded to both Joe Budden’s and Kevin Hart’s reasoning behind their cheating habits. She said:

“When you hear Joe Budden say, well you know, [Kevin Hart] works so hard, it’s not a bad thing. He’s saying, you know, Kevin don’t wanna be poor no more. So he’s like ‘Let me go out here and make this money ’cause I don’t wanna go back to where I was in Philly.’…You gotta understand the whole psychology behind it. That’s the reason he’s working so hard, ’cause he don’t wanna go back to where he came from, ’cause then he’ll lose the power…In the black community…I don’t speak for the black community but I do think that a lot of black men, they really don’t know how to have true, faithful, relationships. They think because they have money, they have power, that they can treat women any kind of way.”

Now, Joe Budden has words for “The Real.” He said on The Joe Budden Podcast:

“Earlier this week, I was reporting on Kevin Hart’s documentary, ‘Don’t F*ck This Up,’ and I went on to say that after watching it, I can understand how he was misled by temptation. And I expounded on that with my predominantly male audience. [I] expected them to be able to identify and relate. And then the women got ahold of the clip!”

He alludes that the ladies immediately wrote his opinion off without trying to understand it:

“The art of understanding is not the same as condoning or agreeing…Am I off?”

Joe and his co-hosts, then, made fun of Adrienne Bailon‘s popular Disney role:

“A Cheetah Girl can’t talk about cheating!”

Oop! He then alluded that women leave no room for mistakes to be made.

“Would you like for your partner to possess empathy?…You would want your partner to be empathetic towards your mistakes. I’m not gonna say cheating, but your mistakes.”

Joe Budden further clarified that he doesn’t condone cheating:

“I hate that everything has to turn into a gender war, because for me, this wasn’t a gender war type of thing. This is a human thing. I wasn’t saying, ‘He’s a guy and he works hard, he has money and he’s powerful, so he should be able to cheat.’ I don’t know where that interpretation came from…So no, it is not okay to cheat. It is not okay for Kevin Hart to cheat. Ladies of ‘The Real,’ that was never said here, and I hate when we’re just presented a certain way when we’re in this new age of just clip floatin’ so we only go by the clip. I said a whole lot more than what was displayed here. We do not condone cheating, however, I’m not part of the society that is looking to kill actually understanding human behavior and psychology.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay