Leslie Jones Urges Protesters: I Pray Y’all Go This Hard When It’s Time To Vote!

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones Urges Protesters: I Pray Y’all Go This Hard When It’s Time To Vote!

The 52-year-old Emmy-nominated comedian, Leslie Jones, known for her brutally honest approach and sketch comedies took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the recent riots that have broken out across the country.

Leslie Jones reflected back on being 22-years-old when the L.A. riots happened after the infamous Rodney King arrest and beating by LAPD in 1992. She said she was proudly on the ground at that time, contributing to the angry protestors that destroyed the city in hopes of justice for Rodney King.

“I tore sh*t up. I had a sledgehammer, all that sh*t…WE TORE SH** UP, son! Real talk. It was like f*** that, burn the sh** down! Burn the sh** down! If we can’t have nothin’ they can’t have nothin’. F*** it! F*** it! F*** it!”

Still, she went on to recall the deep disappointment they all experienced soon after as justice was not served, and the jury acquitted the three officers involved. Leslie Jones then urged her followers,

“To get what the f*** you really want we’re going to have to change the f***ing system. To change the system, we have to f***ing vote. As hard as you guys are going to protesting I pray to the good Lord that ya’ll go this hard when it’s time to vote. That’s what they don’t’ want you to do. They want you to do this sh**.”

The comedian burns with passion as she acknowledges that this is the same situation that took place 30 years ago when minorities were still not relevant. She angrily mocks the ignorant tweet that Trump sent out recently.

She adds,

“Seriously 30 years from now the same riot that I was in with my sledgehammer is the same riot that y’all are in. Y’all gotta understand I’m pissed too! I understand the f***in’ frustration but we’ve gotta change the system.”

She presses on about the importance of knowing how to make the changes that we all are desperately seeking. It is in voting.

“You’ve got to know who your mayor is who your Congress is who’s your Senator – You’ve gotta get your mutha****in’ a** up and f***in’ vote! If you want to burn down buildings burn down this muthaf***n’ Constitution. And we do that by f***n’ lifting our voice! By f***in’ voting! That’s our real voice. That’s how we really show them! I promise! I understand what the f*** ya’ll feeling.”

Leslie Jones ends her fervent message by asking that we all stay very careful in light of COVID-19 as the pandemic has yet to lift. See her full video below.

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By Brittney O

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta