Bow Wow Offers $10K Reward For Stolen Motorcycle

Bow Wow Offers $10K Reward For Stolen Motorcycle

Bow Wow is prepared to dish out some serious cash as a reward for anyone with information on two men who allegedly stole the rapper’s motorcycle.  He announced on social media that his silver-black motorcycle was stolen and he has photos from the security camera to prove it.

Bow Wow, who most recently starred on Wetv’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” posted three photos of what appears to be two men on a motorcycle, with helmets on, with one man appearing to have visible tattoos.

Bow Wow also posted a video explaining what took place.  He said,

“I go to ride my motorcycle and I realize my sh*t missing…I go to look at the security cameras, I see two jerk offs, two white boys, right?  Tattoos, uh, on a silver-black motorcycle, butt buddyin’, riding together.  They pull up.  I watched the camera, they take my bike.”

He continues on, addressing the alleged thieves.

“Now listen, I know y’all didn’t know that was my sh*t, now y’all do know. Now it’s a problem.  So listen, we can do this two ways, alright.  Either y’all can return my sh*t, and we could just, I’ll call a spade a spade. But if I gotta find y’all and take time out of my busy schedule to get my sh*t back, which I will, and the internet is gon’ tell me everything that I need to know, ’cause you know once I throw up a cash prize tell help find y’all two jerk offs.”

The rapper concludes by asking for information on the two alleged robbers.  He said,

“It could be your family member that’s gon’ DM me and snitch on you, your closest friends, y’all not going far man. Black and silver motorcycle, I got y’all on tape.  I got the photos, I’m ’bout to post them.  If y’all know these two jerks, DM me information.  Where can I find them?  I’m telling y’all now, two ways we can go about this sh*t, return it, but if I gotta come back for my sh*t…”

He added in a deleted Instagram post that he was offering $10,000 for the reward.

People on Twitter began to chime in but unfortunately didn’t look to have any promising information on where to find the alleged thieves.

Do you think Bow Wow has any hope in finding his motorcycle? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: Robin Ayers