Married To Medicine’s Quad Webb Clears Up Rumors Of Adoption: The Baby Is Not My Adopted Daughter

Quad Webb Clears Up Rumors Of Adoption: The Baby Is Not My Adopted Daughter

Former Married to Medicine star, Quad Webb, is setting the record straight for all the fans who have speculated that she recently adopted a baby girl named Ariana (Ari for short).

The speculation began as a direct result of what Quad Webb stated in an interview with Delux Magazine where she gushed over the baby and revealed,

“I’m truly looking for the home that I think myself and my family will be very comfortable in. We have a new baby thats on the way, and, so, we’re very happy about her.”

She further explained that

“The baby just came through last month. Her name is Ariana. We’re going to refer to her as “Ari” [She’s a] super beautiful baby girl. Super beautiful. I just want to be able to give her the best life possible. I am responsible for that, and she’s going to get that.”

See the clip below.

Now, according the the reality television star, she wants to clarify

“that baby Ari is not my adopted daughter.”

She continues to explain,

“My mom and I are in a supportive role for Ari, and while everyone is elated about the new addition to our family, she has a mother.”

She further added,

“We are the village here to support baby Ari.”

On June 23, Quad shared a glimpse of baby Ari on Instagram.  She caption the photo with a sweet sentiment.  It said,

Life is precious, it should be protected and valued ? #blacklivesmatter

The topic of having babies was not new for Quad Webb on Married to Medicine.  Watch below as she discusses it once again with fellow cast mate, Dr. Simone Whitmore.

Congratulations are still in order as baby Ari is an addition to Quad, her mom and other family members.  Send them your love below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers