Lee Daniels To Produce ‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Featuring A Black Family

Lee Daniels To Produce ‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Featuring A Black Family

It looks like another American TV classic is in the works for a reboot. According to reports, Lee Daniels will be producing the reboot of the late 80’s scripted television series The Wonder Years for ABC. This time around, however, the show will feature a black family. The original series had six seasons and aired from 1988 until 1993. The show was about a white middle-class family living in the suburbs during the ’60s.

Fred Savage, who starred on the original series as a child, will also act as an executive producer and director for the reboot. It will have a similar plotline as the original and follow a black middle-class family living in Alabama during the 60s. 

Fred Savage

Lee Daniels is no stranger to being a part of great projects. The Empire creator, recently shared that he was the initial director for the critically-acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain but had to pass on the Oscar-winning project for financial reasons. 

“It was a very expensive piece to keep and I simply couldn’t get the movie made. Nobody wanted to see the movie, nobody wanted to make the movie. And I had to let it go.”

He also admitted that it took him over a decade to finally watch the film after it was released. 

“I saw it, like, 15 years later and Ang Lee did a really great job. As a matter of fact, he did it in a way that was palatable for many heterosexuals around the world. I would have probably been more in your face with it, and he did it in a different perspective, so kudos to him. And I told him that.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel